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Day Camp 2020

Cub Scout Safari

Cub Safari from Home
Orange County Council
Boy Scouts of America

Thank you for joining us for a Cub Scout Safari from Home. We hope you had as much fun as we did. It was an exciting adventure for us and we loved being able to share it with you.

We made some videos to help you be ready for the shooting sports day. You can find them at this link.

If you have pictures of your projects or of you taking part in camp we would love to see them. You can email them to daycamp@ocbsadaycamp.org.
Keep on Scouting even though camp is over. Stay safe and have lots of fun. Thanks for joining us.

Everyone in front of and behind the cameras at the Cub Scout Safari from Home

Below is a list of the Adventure requirements that campers worked on by rank. Even more than at an in person camp each camper's experience is different and the adult signing off needs to help ensure that the camper took part in that experience. Requirements that the campers did not do at camp are struck through like this. If your den or pack took part in camp this can count as part of the National Summertime Pack Award.

tiger (57K)

The Tigers completed:

Stories-in-Shapes-150x150 (1K)

Stories in Shapes

Complete at least four of the following requirements.
  1. Visit an art gallery or a museum, explore an art website, or visit your library.
  2. Look closely at pictures of some art with your den or a family member. Decide what you like about the art, and share your ideas with the other Tigers.
  3. Create a piece of art on paper, poster board, or canvas.
  4. Draw or create an art piece using shapes.
  5. Use tangrams to create shapes.

Tiger-Tales-150x150 (1K)

Tiger Tales

Complete at least four of the following requirements.
  1. Create a tall tale with your den.
  2. Create your own tall tale. Share your tale with your den.
  3. Read a tall tale with your parent, guardian, or other caring adult.
  4. Create a piece of art from a scene in the tall tale you have read, using your choice of materials. Share it with your den.
  5. Play a game from the past.
  6. Sing two folk songs.
  7. Visit a historical museum or landmark with your parent, guardian, or other caring adult.

Tiger-Theater-150x150 (2K)

Tiger Theater

Complete at least four of the following requirements.
  1. With your den, discuss the following types of theater: puppet shows, readerís theater, and pantomime.
  2. As a den, play a game of one-word charades.
  3. Make a puppet to show your den or to display at a pack meeting.
  4. Perform a simple readerís theater. Make a mask afterward to show what your character looks like.
  5. Watch a play or attend a story time at a library.

Wolf (2) (8K)

The Wolfs completed:

Adventures-in-Coins-150x150 (2K)

Adventures in Coins

Complete Requirements 1-4. Requirements 5-7 are optional..
  1. Identify different parts of a coin.
  2. Find the mint mark on a coin. Identify the mint where the coin was made and the year it was made.
  3. Choose a coin that interests you, and make a coin rubbing. List information next to the coin detailing the pictures on it, the year it was made, and the mint where it was made.
  4. Play a game or create a game board with your den or family where you can practice adding and subtracting coins.
  5. Play a coin game.
  6. Create a balance scale.
  7. Do a coin-weight investigation.

Air-of-the-Wolf-150x150 (1K)

Air of the Wolf

Complete the following Requirements.
  1. Conduct two of the following investigations to see how air affects different objects:
    1. Make a paper airplane and fly it five times. Try to make it fly farther by altering its shape. Fly it at least five more times to see if your changes were effective.
    2. Make a balloon-powered sled or a balloon powered boat. Test your sled or boat with larger and smaller balloons.
    3. Bounce a basketball that doesnít have enough air in it. Then bounce it when it has the right amount of air in it. Do each one 10 times. Describe how the ball bounces differently when the amount of air changes.
    4. Roll a tire or ball that doesnít have enough air in it, and then roll it again with the right amount of air. Describe differences in how they move.
  2. Complete two of the following:
    1. With other members of your den, go outside and record the sounds you hear. Identify which of these sounds is the result of moving air.
    2. Create a musical wind instrument, and play it as part of a den band.
    3. With an adult, conduct an investigation on how speed can affect sound.
    4. Make a kite using household materials. With your den or family, explain the rules for safely flying kites. Fly your kite.
    5. With your family, den, or pack, participate in a kite derby, space derby, or rain gutter regatta. Explain how air helps the vehicle move.

Code-of-the-Wolf-150x150 (1K)

Code of the Wolf

Complete the following Requirements.
  1. Complete two of the following:
    1. With the members of your den or family, make a game with simple materials that requires math to keep score.
    2. Play a game of "Go Fish for 10s."
    3. Do five activities at home, at school, or in your den that use mathematics, and then explain to your den how you used everyday math.
    4. Make a rekenrek with two rows, and show your den leader or other adult how you would represent the numbers 4, 6, 9, and 14.
    5. Make a rain gauge or some other measuring device, and use it.
  2. Complete one of the following:
    1. With other members of your den or family, identify three different types of shapes that you see in nature.
    2. With other members of your den or family, identify two shapes you can see in the construction of bridges.
    3. Select a single shape or figure. Observe the world around you for at least a week, and write down where you see this shape or figure and how it is used.
  3. Complete one of the following:
    1. With your den, find something that comes with many small, colored items in one package. Count the number of items of each color in your package. Keep track of each color. Then:
      1. Draw a graph showing the number of items of each color.
      2. Determine what the most common color is.
      3. Compare your results to those of the other Scouts.
      4. Predict how many items of each color you will find in one more package.
      5. Decide if your prediction was close.
    2. With your den or family, measure the height of everyone in the group and see who takes more steps to walk 100 feet.
    3. Have each member of your den shoot a basketball. Count the number of shots it takes for each scout to sink five baskets. Make a graph that shows how successful your den was. Your graph should show each group that needed 5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20, and more than 20 tries to sink their shots.
  4. Complete one of the following:
    1. Use a secret code using numbers to send a message to one of your den members or your den leader. Have that person send a message back to you. Be sure you both use the same code.
    2. Send a message to another member of your den or your den leader using the pig pen code or another code that changes letters into special shapes.
    3. Practice using a code stick to create and decode a message.

Motor-Away-150x150 (1K)

Motor Away

Complete the following Requirements:
  1. Do each of the following:
    1. Create and fly three different types of paper airplanes. Before launching them, record which one you believe will travel the farthest and what property of the plane leads you to make that prediction.
    2. Make a paper airplane catapult. Before launching a plane, record how far you believe it will travel and explain what information you used to make this prediction. After you make your prediction, launch the plane and measure how far it flies.
  2. Make two different model boats and sail them. Choose different shapes for your boats.
  3. Create a model car that moves under its own power.

Digging-In-The-Past-150x150 (2K)

Digging in the Past

Complete the following Requirements.
  1. Play a game that demonstrates your knowledge of dinosaurs, such as a dinosaur match game.
  2. Create an imaginary dinosaur. Share with your den its name, what it eats, and where it lives.
  3. Complete one of the following:
    1. Make a fossil cast.
    2. Make a dinosaur dig. Be a paleontologist, and dig through a dinosaur dig made by another member of your den. Show and explain the ways a paleontologist works carefully during a dig.
  4. Make edible fossil layers. Explain how this snack is a good model for the formation of fossils.

Bear (2) (6K)

The Bears Completed:

World-of-Sound-150x150 (1K)

A World of Sound

Complete all of the following
  1. Make an mbira.
  2. Make a sistrum.
  3. Make a rain stick.

300px-Baloo_the_Builder-150x150 (1K)

Baloo the Builder

Complete all of the following requirements.
  1. Discover which hand tools are the best ones to have in your tool box. Learn the rules for using these tools safely. Practice with at least four of these tools before beginning a project.
  2. Select, plan, and define the materials for the project you will complete in requirement 3.
  3. Assemble your materials, and build one useful project and one fun project using wood.
    Bird feeder plans and steps
  4. Apply a finish to one of your projects. (done by the camper outside of the session)

Make-it-Move-150x150 (1K)

Make it Move

Complete all of the following.
  1. Create an "exploding" craft stick reaction.
  2. Make two simple pulleys, and use them to move objects.
  3. Make a lever by creating a seesaw using a spool and a wooden paint stirrer. Explore the way it balances by placing different objects on each end.
  4. Complete one of the following:
    1. Draw a Rube Goldberg-type machine. Include at least six steps to complete your action.
    2. Construct a real Rube Goldberg-type machine to complete a task assigned by your den leader. Use at least two simple machines and include at least four steps.

Super-Science-150x150 (1K)

Super Science

Complete at least four of the following.
  1. Make static electricity by rubbing a balloon or a plastic or rubber comb against another material, such as a fleece blanket or wool sweater. Explain what you learned.
  2. Conduct one other static electricity investigation. Explain what you learned.
  3. Do a sink-or-float investigation. Explain what you learned.
  4. Do a color-morphing investigation. Explain what you learned.
  5. Do a color-layering investigation. Explain what you learned.

Bear-Necessities-150x150 (2K)

Bear Necessities

1. While working on your Bear badge, attend one of the following:
- A daytime or overnight campout with your pack or family
- An outdoor activity with your den or pack
- Day camp
- Resident camp

Webelos-Oval (10K)
AOL (2) (11K)

Webelos and Arrow of Light

Final-Yo-Yo-Adventure-Pin2 (4K)

Yoyo Preview Adventure

Complete the following requirements.
  1. Learn the safety rules of using a yo-yo and follow them at all times.
  2. Using a real yo-yo string, a regular string, or a piece of yarn, show how to find the proper yo-yo string length for you.
  3. Explain why it is important to have the correct string length and to be in the right location before throwing a yo-yo.
  4. Demonstrate how to properly string a yo-yo and how to create a slip knot.
  5. In an area where there are no hazards or other people, conduct the pendulum experiment with a yo-yo. Explain what happens to the yo-yo when the string is longer.
  6. Show that you can properly wind a yo-yo.
  7. Demonstrate one of the following:
    1. Gravity pull
    2. Sleeper
    3. Breakaway

Look-Back-Look-Forward-150x150 (2K)

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Complete the following requirements.
  1. Create a record of the history of Scouting and your place in that history.
  2. With the help of your den leader, parent, or guardian and with your choice of media, go on a virtual journey to the past and create a timeline.
  3. Create your own time capsule.

Build-it-150x150 (2K)

Build It

Complete the following requirements.
  1. Learn about some basic tools and the proper use of each tool. Learn about and understand and the need for safety when you work with tools.
  2. With the guidance of your Webelos den leader, parent, or guardian, select a carpentry project and build it.
    Plans and steps for the Catapult
  3. List the tools that you use safely as you build your project; create a list of materials needed to build your project. Put a checkmark next to the tools on your list that you used for the first time.
  4. Learn about a construction career. With your Webelos den leader, parent, or guardian, visit a construction site, and interview someone working in a construction career.

Into-the-Woods-150x150 (1K)

Into the Woods

Complete Requirements 1-4 and one other.
  1. Identify two different groups of trees and the parts of a tree.
  2. Identify four trees common to the area where you live. Tell whether they are native to your area. Tell how both wildlife and humans use them.
  3. Identify four plants common to the area where you live. Tell which animals use them and for what purpose.
  4. Develop a plan to care for and then plant at least one plant or tree, either indoors in a pot or outdoors. Tell how this plant or tree helps the environment in which it is planted and what the plant or tree will be used for.
  5. Make a list of items in your home that are made from wood and share it with your den. Or with your den, take a walk and identify useful things made from wood.
  6. Explain how the growth rings of a tree trunk tell its life story. Describe different types of tree bark and explain what the bark does for the tree.
  7. Visit a nature center, nursery, tree farm, or park, and speak with someone knowledgeable about trees and plants that are native to your area. Explain how plants and trees are important to our ecosystem and how they improve our environment.